What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?

Parental alienation is the term used to describe the overall problem of children being encouraged by one parent (the favored parent) to unjustly reject the other parent (the targeted parent). Children who reject one parent to please the other parent are referred to as alienated or as having Parental Alienation Syndrome. PAS impacts people from all walks of life.

PAS is a tragedy.

Some have compared PA to an unexpected, premature death. For the rejected parent, it is like the death of their child. For the child, it is comparable to the early death of their parent.

PAS is enormously frustrating for parents who find themselves despised and rejected by their children, even though the parent and child previously enjoyed a happy and healthy relationship.

Parents whose children are already alienated need compassionate support and advice on their parental alienation journey.